Mexican Sauces

Old Pueblo Poblano Hot Sauce

We made it our priority to create the most authentic Mexican hot sauce you can buy. Through years of tasting and testing we believe we have captured that incredible Mexican flavor in a bottle. This sauce is one of a kind and will enhance any Mexican meal. Put a couple drops on your chips or use it to enhance your entire meal. You can’t go wrong with Old Pueblo Poblano Hot Sauce.

Pick from any of our sauces below!


Authentic Hot

This hot sauce is the perfect combination of chili peppers, vinegar, & salt. This hot sauce brings out the best flavor in a host of foods.

Green Jalapeño

Green Jalapeño sauce has a fresh taste that red ones don’t always have. The spice and heat don’t catch up until a few bites in & never gets overbearing!

Salsa Ranchera

A unique blend of spices and peppers. It has a strong rush of flavor with a lingering but not overbearing heat.

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